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Would you like to make better financial decisions?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Welcome to Wizze Money!

A little about myself! :)

My name is Babak Khanbeigi and I am a California CPA. I also earned my PhD in accounting and currently I am teaching as an adjunct professor at Moorpark college. Day one when I started studying finance and accounting, I had no idea about my career path in the future, to the extent that I was not sure if I wan to complete my bachelor degree. After studying for a couple of semesters I enrolled in an interesting workshop to learn more about money and how to invest to build a better future, this was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. I learned so many different things and I started thinking how I can capitalize on my education in order to advance myself and help others to be able to gain the same knowledge as such they can make better financial decisions.

Even though, I started my career at Big 4 and climbed the corporate ladder and wore so many different hats throughout last 15 years, I have finally decided to start my own journey. This is why I have created this website to help individuals and businesses to have a better understanding about their financials in order to make informed decisions in line with their strategic goals.

If you are interested to learn more about the services that I provide and how you can potentially benefit from them, please visit the services page for additional information.

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